Project and grant counselling

You will appreciate our advice and support for the following:

  • Identification of appropriate funding resources for innovative and scientific projects
  • Advice on the submission of project applications
  • Compilation of project applications
  • Advice on the implementation of projects
  • Project administration

The price for the preparation of project application and for different activities is specified individually upon mutual agreement according to the complexity of the project and the required actions.

We are aware that if we all do what we know best, goals will be achieved. Let us take care of your worries and save your time and energy by doing what we’re good at!

We do have the know-how:

With the experience of our colleagues in the area of grant sources (EU funds, other public and foundation resources) we can help you to find your way in the often complicated domain of rules and requirements which cannot be avoided in the course of the application process.

We will help you to navigate in the ins and outs of this area, set your future project to meet your requirements to be of benefit to you, and maximize your chances for getting the subsidy. We can provide support also in the implementation of an already approved project.