About us

We are a new company consisting of an extensively experienced team. We have been in the business for many years and have long-term ties to expert professionals within both the community and the commercial sector.

The focus of our interest lies in two largely related and interwoven activities:

  • Congress and conference activities
  • Project and grant counselling

We are aware that if we all do what we know best, goals will be achieved. Let us take care of your worries and save your time and energy by doing what we’re good at!

Vision & Goals

In terms of our activities our long-term goal is to create a lasting relationship with our client based on sound knowledge of its specifics, needs and requirements, and particularly on mutual trust. We are aware that reliability and mutual trust are the key factors which significantly affect the successful outcome of each event.

Your worries are the challenge for us to take them off your back! Let us do what we know best! Rely on us and together we will accomplish the best results!